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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1 year on 4 Hour Body, & the results are.....


I have probably overused that word by now. I started my 4HB journey a year ago today on 12/20/2010. I did not know how long it would go, but I had to give it a run because it was time to lose weight. My blog has pretty much all the details of how I got here to this point and time, but besides the obvious changes which I talk about all the time to anyone who asks, there have been other significant changes in my life and other accomplishments since I started the 4HB.

*I was 299 pounds and now weight 222 pounds (77 down yeah!)

*I went from a 55 inch waist to a 38 inch waist

*I have NOT been sick one day since I started 4HB, not even a runny nose (could be the athletic greens)

*I have NOT thrown out my back in one full year. I used to throw out my back about three times a year. The exercises by Tim in the book work.

*I have new perspective on life that I started on 12/20/2010. I put my family first and who cares what happens in my career. The odd thing is I took an easier job at my company, because I wanted to take it easy and really have more time with my family. You have to keep in mind I was working 6 am to 7 pm pretty much 5 days a week and then I would put in another 5-10 hours on the weekend. It was definitely a demotion, to my coworkers, but what they didn't understand is I didn't care nor did I see it that way.What happened was I experienced the most growth in work skill sets and also received the biggest promotion of my career. Funny how those things work out.

*I got to meet Tim Ferris and many other awesome people at a private event that was put on by Tim. I was inspired by them to further push myself to learn more to educate myself more and become better. I was also inspired to write and dare I say I am close to finishing a short book.

So here I am one year later and feeling great. That is the short summary. If you read this and would like some help on your 4HB journey, drop me a comment. I would love to help. I have plenty of tips and ideas that can help. I consider myself an ardent practitioner of Tim's 4HB.

I have thanked Tim Ferris multiple times, but why not one more. Thanks Tim!


  1. Hey, John: Such impressive results! I did 4HB for a month or two last summer and got down to 224 lbs, but when I went off, my weight ballooned and now I find myself trying again. I really like the diet because I love beans and lean meats and cheat days. Any advice, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Scott. My bad just saw this comment. The holidays have me a bit slow on my e-mail.

    A couple of things I recommend, some small items that can help.

    *No diet soda except on cheat days
    *No almonds/sugar free least try not having if for like 2 weeks
    *You must have that protein 30 minutes within waking up
    *Over-consume water...over consume water
    *Weigh yourself everyday to see how different foods are effecting your body.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have anything specific

  3. Thanks for the reply, John! The hardest part for me is no diet soda/artificial sweeteners. I may experiment with and without and see what the difference is.

    One more question: is it "anything goes" for you on Cheat Day?