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Sunday, July 31, 2011

7/31- Cheating experiment!

So I stared my cheat day early on this past Friday night, did all of Saturday, then also did Sunday morning breakfast.

Friday- at Padres game so, hot dogs, nachos, chicken tenders, cookies, crackerjack
Saturday - donuts, soda, pizza for lunch, tortilla chips, hot dogs, cotton candy, pizza for dinner, toffee and chocolate sundae
Sunday- omlete with cheddar, onions, sausage, sticky bun, hash browns, biscuit, couple bites of pancakes

So to back up, Fridays weigh in was 229.0
Saturday weigh in was 233.6
After Sunday breakfast, I came home and weighed in at 237.6

I am curious to see tomorrow's weigh in and next Saturdays weigh in. Hopefully I'm not getting to over confident in my ability to lose weight.

It felt great to be back on the 4th eating plan this afternoon

That's th update...till next time, I'm out!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/20- The last mile .....has met the last straw!

The Last Mile.....has met the last straW

*I woke up on Sunday at 234.8 pounds (after cheat day)
*I then ate like 6 meals, you must eat every 3 hours (the book gives you the options)
*Besides the protein, green vegetables is unlimited (but green only)
*Every meal has to have like 60 nutes or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
*So I woke up on Monday and I weighed in at 232.8
*I woke up on Tuesday and weighed in at 232.0
*I woke up Today and I weighed 232.6

I did consider that I was giving up too early, but I took other things into consideration:

*I was eating and I wasn't hungry
*Eating every 3 hours is a pain in the butt...I got tired of looking at the clock
*My energy level went down
*I felt like I was stuffing myself

I thought that being hungry or starving was bad before......the opposite is just as bad. I can scarf down that cream puff or cheesecake when my belly in full....but I want no part of scarfing down 8 oz of chicken breast & 6 pieces of asparagus and 60 almonds....when my belly is full.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

7/17- Time to hack it up!

I weighed in this morning at 234.8 so only a gain of 4 pounds on cheat day. I've been contemplating my next hacks all weekend and where are the next steps of the 4HB lifestyle for me.

I want to take it to the next level, so what to do?

I am my setting my weight goal at 218 pounds. I'm currently at 234.8 and my lowest weight is 227.8 pounds. So from today we are talking about 16 pounds.

This week I'm going to give the "last mile" a shot. I started this morning....and this eating every 3 hours is crazy! I feel like I'm back at football training camp and I'm checking the clock every hour. I'm eating almond butter and peanut butter like crazy as well.

I'm going to also pick up the workouts as well.

Once I get to 218, I'm gonna experiment with how much carbs I can add back in and maintain right around 225 pounds. That's the plan right now.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

7/16 update

So after my 6 day cheat fest and jumping back on last Tuesday i was contemplating skipping my cheat day today........NOT!

I weighed in at 230.7 pounds!

I'm 3 pounds over my lowest weight. So after being back on for only 4 days I lost at least 10 pounds from where I was I am going ton enjoy my cheat day and set some new goals for myself to take my hacking to he next level.

Friday, July 15, 2011

7/15 -I tried to minimize the damage

This is in response to Stephens's question on twitter. What damage control methods did I use in the 6 days?

The answer is.......I didn't actively thing about it, but I certainly did things:

*I worked out every day, nothing crazy. 30 minutes on elliptical and bosu ball crunches
*I took at least one cold shower per day, a few days twice
*I added an extra protein shake and extra helping of athletic greens in the afternoon

That's it. So in essence, nothing really actually than what I normally do outside of the extra shake and athletic greens.

I weighed in this morning at 231.4 pounds so feeling great!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

7/14 - And I am back from Vacation!


So I was on a 6 day whatever I want to eat show! See my previous post for the general rules that I was on. I was in Maui so eating the plate lunches was on whenever I could. I was eating pool food and snacking. Eating Ice Cream was abundant.

So my plan was to eat whatever I wanted the whole time, well I fell short of that.

I started on Wednesday 7/6 and that lasted until Monday 7/11. By the time I finished that last bite of Loco Moco at dinner.....I was disgusted. When we got home that night I could tell I had gained somewhere in the 10-15 pounds range. Keep in mind I didn't really care. What was very concerning, was how I left. I just felt disgusted with all the crap I ate on that day and my energy levels were sapped...and I just didn't feel good.

Enter Tuesday Morning.....and I jumped back on the 4HB lifestyle with the Slow Carb Food Plan. I got home last night and this mornings weigh in was......232.8 pounds.

*I left on 7/6 and weighed 228.0 pounds
*I am not sure, but gained in the neighborhood of 10-15 pounds
*I weighed in on 7/14 and now weigh 232.8 pounds


Thanks Tim Ferris, that experiment gave me some interesting and great results!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

7-7 ----and I am on Vacation

I left for Hawaii yesterday for and as soon as I got ont he plane I succumbed to eating off the diet.

That being plan all all along until the 14th is to work without a specific plan. The bummer was I left at 228 on Wed., so it was going to be a banner week. New all time high..etc., etc.,

I am though curious to see how I do with various cheating going on.

Here is my basic plan.

*Eat whatever I want
*When I am full, stop eating
*Workout every day, twice a day if possible

As I go I will add to the plan.

I am "OUT LIKE TROUT" and headed to the POOL....aloha!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

7/3 -Close but no cigar!

Well after my last weigh-in on 6/24, which was 227.8, i was off to Vegas and what was going to be a double cheat day. That turned in to a triple cheat day as I extended into Sunday as well. My total weight gain, and it was a gluttonous time, was 10 pounds. I ate at the most decadent buffet I've ever seen and really ate whatever I wanted all 3 days. Throw in all the alcohol, and I earned that 10 pounds.

So with a BBQ planned for today, Sunday, I moved my cheat day from Saturday to Sunday.

This mornings weigh in was 228.2 pounds, so that's why I say, close but no cigar. considering I was on a 3 day cheat and gained 10 pounds I am happy that I got close.

I was on the road for work 2 days, so there was a kink in my schedule. Without that, I could have made it.

Cheat day is here, and the BBQ will be great today!