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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#4HB Saves a life!!!!

So after posting an updated yesterday......I got this e-mail from my brother Charlie: Oh yes! I have a great story about a colleague of mine. He is 56 years old and started the 4HB plan in August 2011 after seeing my progress and success. He started at 275 lbs. and by January 2012 he was 235 lbs. and lost 8” around his waist. He became much more active….swimming, hiking and lifting weights…..activity he was not doing prior to the 4HB plan. He was in great shape and very happy. In January he had a heart attack due to a pre-existing heart condition with his aorta. He had been out on a leave of absence from the end of January until yesterday. We spoke about what happened and he told me that changing his lifestyle to the 4HB plan saved his life. The doctor told him that if he hadn’t lost that weight and hadn’t been as strong as he was….he would have died. He told me that was grateful to me for introducing him to the 4HB plan and talking to him every day about it. He now weighs 218 lbs. and he is getting stronger every day. He is so happy and blessed to be alive so that he can enjoy life with his wife and 11 year old son. It’s an amazing story and I’m so grateful to and that JT came upon the 4 Hour Body. It’s changed and helped all of us in our lives. I am happy that I have been able to pay it forward to my colleague just as JT has to all of us. Side note, I have been helping and supporting two other colleagues on the Facilities Maintenance team on the 4HB and here are their stats. - Colleague #1 – 55 years old, started on September 2011 at 231 lbs. and today is 188 lbs. - Colleague #2 – 57 years old, started on November 2011 at 255 lbs. and today is 226 lbs. Also, never take anything for granted. My colleague said that his hospital room was 120 ft. from the chapel and it would take him approximately 30 mins each day to walk one way. He found it very humbling experience. He is not a religious man, but he felt that the walk to and from the chapel to pray each day help him tremendously physically and mentally.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Long time no post......I'm back!

I was on auto-pilot just doing my thing and then the month of April 2012 hit me. I was pretty much waking up Sunday after cheat day at 230 lbs and then getting down to 224 pounds, just like clockwork. I took trips for business/pleasure to Oakland, then Chicago, then San Francisco, then Hawaii, then Eugene, Oregon. Traveling can put a strain on the food plan......but you gotta roll with it. The last couple of weeks have been crazy. While I was in Hawaii, I started cheating on Wed. and went all the way to Sunday! (5 days). I then jumped back on for Mon.-Wed, then cheated on Thursday through Saturday, back on Sunday. So for the last 2 weeks I was on the food plan for 6 days & cheated 8 days. That's the most cheating I have done in awhile. Like ever since I first started. So I found myself all the way up to 238 lbs. That's a funny way for a guy who was 299 to look at it huh? Nonetheless, It's all good. I jumped back on, on Sunday.....and despite being sick as a dog I am back at it. I am 19 lbs. higher then my lowest of 219 and 13 pounds higher than where I really want to be. So I am back at it. Understandably I could look at at as the wheels have fallen off. But why? Look how far I've come. Outside of weight loss, I just like living a better lifestyle. The food plan is a part of it. I'm just going to be patient, stay on point on the food plan, be more creative with the food (I too am a bit burnt on the foods)....I just need to find new recipes. So for those of you needing a kick in the proverbial ass!!!!!!!....Lets do it!!!!!