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Thursday, July 14, 2011

7/14 - And I am back from Vacation!


So I was on a 6 day whatever I want to eat show! See my previous post for the general rules that I was on. I was in Maui so eating the plate lunches was on whenever I could. I was eating pool food and snacking. Eating Ice Cream was abundant.

So my plan was to eat whatever I wanted the whole time, well I fell short of that.

I started on Wednesday 7/6 and that lasted until Monday 7/11. By the time I finished that last bite of Loco Moco at dinner.....I was disgusted. When we got home that night I could tell I had gained somewhere in the 10-15 pounds range. Keep in mind I didn't really care. What was very concerning, was how I left. I just felt disgusted with all the crap I ate on that day and my energy levels were sapped...and I just didn't feel good.

Enter Tuesday Morning.....and I jumped back on the 4HB lifestyle with the Slow Carb Food Plan. I got home last night and this mornings weigh in was......232.8 pounds.

*I left on 7/6 and weighed 228.0 pounds
*I am not sure, but gained in the neighborhood of 10-15 pounds
*I weighed in on 7/14 and now weigh 232.8 pounds


Thanks Tim Ferris, that experiment gave me some interesting and great results!

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