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Sunday, July 3, 2011

7/3 -Close but no cigar!

Well after my last weigh-in on 6/24, which was 227.8, i was off to Vegas and what was going to be a double cheat day. That turned in to a triple cheat day as I extended into Sunday as well. My total weight gain, and it was a gluttonous time, was 10 pounds. I ate at the most decadent buffet I've ever seen and really ate whatever I wanted all 3 days. Throw in all the alcohol, and I earned that 10 pounds.

So with a BBQ planned for today, Sunday, I moved my cheat day from Saturday to Sunday.

This mornings weigh in was 228.2 pounds, so that's why I say, close but no cigar. considering I was on a 3 day cheat and gained 10 pounds I am happy that I got close.

I was on the road for work 2 days, so there was a kink in my schedule. Without that, I could have made it.

Cheat day is here, and the BBQ will be great today!

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