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Saturday, August 27, 2011

8/27-Update- Lowest weight (barely) & doing UNBELIEVABLE!

I have not updated in awhile, but been pretty busy....even though that isn't a good excuse. So let me quickly recap the turn of events while I gobble down some chocolate croissants and some morning buns. A great present from my brother Charlie and his wife Sina. It's cheat day today so it is on!!!

So for the week of 8/14 to 8/20

*I cheated at dinner with PIZZA on Tuesday of that week
*Cheated the next day Wednesday at lunch
*I then was off to a trip to NAPA which was awesome, I only cheated on Saturday, but I didn't go crazy.
*I got back Sunday night and I weighed in at 234 pounds
*Weighed in on Monday morning weighed in at 232.4 pounds

So for the next week, 8/21 to 8/27, I was back at the slow carb

*I had not worked out at all for 2 weeks, just decided to take a break
*Then on Wednesday I made the mistake of hauling 2 heavy boxes of my kids on their fist day of school and tweeked my back. If you've read any of my earlier posts I talk about how my new exercises have prevented my proverbial back going out every 3 months like it used to. So I just tweeked it, jumped back on the exercises that night...and presto back fixed. So going on 8 months without major back pull is awesome.
*Other item to note.....I haven't been sick once since I started the slow carb food plan (8 months)
*So here I am on Saturday and the weight is at an all time low of 227.1!!! I am fired up!!!
*It's not much of an all-time low at this point and this time its decimal points down.....but I still want to hover between 220 - 225
*I've posted before that I am amazed at my ability to hit the 227 every saturday

So I mentioned a weekend in Napa and to leave it at a mention would do it a huge disservice. I went to the Opening-the-Kimono event and got to see Tim Ferriss speak. It is a bit embarrassing, but I am such a fan boy. I lost 72 pounds, can you blame me? It was an amazing experience and besides meeting Tim, the group of people there was awesome. I have a new found direction in my life and and am game-planning on how to get there. I feel I have a new suport system to help me. I plan on taking what I learned from the event and taking it to the same levels that I have take the 4 HOUR BODY. It will be a tough journey, I know I will make tons of mistakes and errors. Kicking butt and becoming an awesome life hacker it what I want to do. Finding that inner energy/mojo/motivation/direction to write that book I've been struggling with will be conquered!

That's is it for now......OFF TO CHEAT DAY...oh yeah that's right...... my group and I call it FREE DAY!

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