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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday 8/13- Wow Hungover! But went on Cheating--Hit all time lowest weight!

So last night me and my crew went out on the town and celebrated my BDay. I was a fun time by all and I had way too much to drink. That being said, lets go through my my weekend.

I woke up Friday weighing in at 229.0 pounds on the dot. That was a great week for me. I did a double cheat day last weekend, the schedule for summer activities just seems to pile on....and I love it.

I have come to realization that I have to check my ego on my new found MASTERY of losing weight. I woke up last Sunday morning after cheat day and weighed in at 232.4 pounds. I knew I could hit a new low and it was going to be a kick butt week, but I had planned this double cheat with the double.

I crushed it that Sunday at the Del Mar races with friends and woke up Monday morning at 237.2 pounds. That is the heaviest I have been on a Monday in awhile. But my EGO...said, "no worries time to kick some butt." Onward with the 4HB foodplan. So like I said earlier Friday arrived at 229.0 pounds. I had planned the afternoon to hang with the kids over at Boomers (Go Karts, Mini-Golf, Video Games).....and planned on having a cheat meal there. Man that pizza sucked. So back to going out on that fun night. It is well documented on Instagram. My buddy (dshebby) posted most of the pics and I did a few (jtamoe46). I did not do any cheating or dinner...but all that alcohol was one big cheat, along with all the sweet shots. I did drink so much that I hurled / threw up when I got home. Wasn't a major one...but I threw up.

So there I was waking up HUNGOVER....I stumbled over to the scale badly in need of excedrin and water...and what did it read?

227.4 pounds! My lowest weight was 227.8 pounds. I know it is not much.....but damn I dropped .4 pounds. My wife attributes it to me throwing up......I don't care I just read what it says!

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