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Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/6- Cheating Experiment is over

The experiment i conducted was this. What if I cheated on Friday night (it was a big cheat too, just dinner), did a normal go for it cheatday on Saturday (no restraint), and a cheatday breakfast (went for it as well)? If I did all that what would my weight differential be.

*So last Friday my weight was 229.0 pounds
*This mornings (Saturday) weight was 229.0 pounds

The .0 was exactly the same on both. I tried wiggling on the scale a little bit and weighing myself again to nudge out a .1, but alas I stopped because.........who cares I almost accomplished what I wanted. I really wanted to get back to my lowest weight of 227.8 pounds.

I have been on vacation and did a cheat week and did a couple of double cheat days, so I have done extra cheats before. What I was looking for this time was to see how it fit into my normal schedule.

So what this tells me is that I can add in a dinner cheat meal, do an awesome cheatday on saturday, and add in a cheat breakfast on Sunday. I can do all of this and maintain the same weight.

Other things I did:

*I did my MED workout (bosu ball, cat vomit, kettlebell) 4 times this week
*Did cold showers 5 of 7 days
*Did PAGG regimen
*Strict 4HB the whole way, except for one night I had probably 40 almonds I am going to eat up those chocolate chip cookies daughter made on Thursday!!!!

This experiment is over and I now to fill my belly!!!!

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