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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/20- The last mile .....has met the last straw!

The Last Mile.....has met the last straW

*I woke up on Sunday at 234.8 pounds (after cheat day)
*I then ate like 6 meals, you must eat every 3 hours (the book gives you the options)
*Besides the protein, green vegetables is unlimited (but green only)
*Every meal has to have like 60 nutes or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
*So I woke up on Monday and I weighed in at 232.8
*I woke up on Tuesday and weighed in at 232.0
*I woke up Today and I weighed 232.6

I did consider that I was giving up too early, but I took other things into consideration:

*I was eating and I wasn't hungry
*Eating every 3 hours is a pain in the butt...I got tired of looking at the clock
*My energy level went down
*I felt like I was stuffing myself

I thought that being hungry or starving was bad before......the opposite is just as bad. I can scarf down that cream puff or cheesecake when my belly in full....but I want no part of scarfing down 8 oz of chicken breast & 6 pieces of asparagus and 60 almonds....when my belly is full.

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