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Sunday, February 27, 2011

2/27 update

Just did

15 myocratic
10 cat vomit
70 kettle bell @ 40 lbs

2/27 Update

I wrote this on Tim Ferris' Blog:


I have probably thanked you 4 times on your blog, but I think its appropriate, based on the life changing events that have taken place in my life since I started your diet. Here is my individual success:

*I have lost 43 lbs. since December 20 th
*I went from 298 and now weigh 255
*I am down to a 43 inch waist….I did not measure initially, but I was probably like 50 inch range.

Those are all measurables that everyone can relate to. What has been most significant is that it has sparked me to start learning again. I have had a successful career in my field and it has taught me to strive to get better in my field an in life. I have helped get 5 other people onto your diet and they have seen success on your diet. My friends and I created our own group on google where we share our successes, celebrate our cheat day, share best practices on recipes. We just started this two weeks ago and has really helped to motivate the 6 of us and keep us going. There is power in feeling that you are “in it” together with a group of people. I can see their lives changing as well. It has made me a more positive person (and I thought I was positive before) and I just have a different perspective on life.

Thanks Tim for the new positive perspective on life, your book is truly inspiring to do things that are not only in the book, but a result of the book!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/25 update-part two

Down to exactly 43 inches on the lost that .5!!!

2/25 update

Finally made it back from Chicago....that was crazy!

Good news though I am down to 255..that is 43 lbs lost!!!!

*No working out at all for a week
*I stuck to the diet to a tee!

I am continue to be motived by the diet I was able to inspire and get 5 other people on the diet as well. Now that they are on it..I feel even more motivation!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2/23 Update

Today is Wed and I have been in Chicago since Sunday flying out here. It has been tough because I am at a business training and sometimes they have food for us

*One night Pizza....I ate a side salad that was tough because it was chicago style pizza
*One lunch it was HOT DOGS...chicago I ate no buns and crushed the chicken wings

What an adventure and NO SCALE TO BOOT!!

So it has been weird not to weigh hoping it is all good when I get back.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2/20 Update

Good morning.  For me, I used to hate this day jumping on the scale
after the cheat day. Good news is I decided to say $&@!# it just got
used to it. As the diet has progressed my gain after a cheat day has

When I first started it was always around 7 to on the
money.  Now it seems to be always between 1 and 3.....and then gone by

Today 3 pounds gained........should gone by Tuesday.

Good luck

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheat fest 2/19

Let's see:
Tortilla chips
Buttered popcorn at movies

I am stuffed

2/19 update

So last night I had some alcohol. Quite a bit actually.

My guess is 8 vodka and diet 7up
4 shots of patron

I was pounding plenty of water to countermand it. It seems to work pretty well for me.

Woke weight gain. Sweet.

Cheat day today...going to cheat, but I don't know how crazy I am going to go

Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm fired up....40 lbs lost
Down to 258

2/18 early am

The SCD....causes me to usually wake up at 5am....and I am wide awake. This morning.....4am. I think I knew that I was going to hit something new. Scale hit 258.6 and then 259.4. Let's call it 258! I'm down 40lbs!

I got up and had the new combo 3 of that.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last night I did

10 myocratic
10 cat vomit

Update 2/17 @ 6 am

I must say I was feeling plenty of energy with the SCD. Adding the combo shake yesterday seemed to double that energy...just wondering if I am overdoing it.

*Athletic greens
*Whey protein

Experimenting it as a meal replacement int he am. , I gotta take a break from the eggs.

In any case, if I moved around the scale enough I was at 259.8....but finally I am back down to the 260 I was a week ago

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/16 update

So I got up this morning and I was at 261. I may have hit a plateau again. I am trying a combo shake. Whey protein and the athletic greens. Last night I did do:

10 myocratic crunches
10 cat vomit
70 kettle bells

Let's see how tomorrow mornings weight looks

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My 4 Hour Body Experience

My 4-hour Body notes

Today is 2/15/2011 and I will attempt to recount as best as I can in some sort of format my experience with the Slow Carb Diet from Tim Ferriss’ book. To net it out why I am writing this; I have lost 38 lbs. since 12/20/2010 and this is the best I have felt in literally 20 years

· I started the diet on 12/20/2010

· Even though there was Christmas upcoming I decided to go for it

· I regret that I did not take any pictures, and I did not take any measurements.

· My starting weight at this time was 298 lbs.

· On the morning on 12/25, when I weighed myself I had already lost 10 lbs. I couldn’t believe it and I was motivated to continue. It had only been 5 days

· I stuck to the diet to a “T” and by the name 12/31/2010 came around I had lost 20 lbs

· This is where a lot of my information get distorted, but it is roughly right

· On around 1/7/2011 I was down to 24 lbs, weighing in at 274

· On around 1/15/2011 I noticed that I was plateauing, I decide to give PAGG a try. I noticed immediate results. I started losing weight again and was down to 269 by 1/22/2011. I finally decided to measure my waist ( I really regret not doing this in the beginning). On 1/22/2011 I was at 46 inches. I don’t know where I really started but I think I was in the low 50 inch range.

· I again appeared to plateau and was hovering at 269 around the 29th and then I decided to add the other supplement “cissuss” whatever it is.

· As another note I have been taking potassium, magnesium, and calcium the whole time

· After that cheat day on the weekend, which I was at Disneyland….I noticed I had only added 2 lbs. So here I was sitting at 271 on 1/31/2011. I was the first cheat day that I did not pack on 5-7 lbs.

· I seemed to be stuck at 269 that whole week (2/2 to 2/5). I decided to cut out almonds ( I ate them as a snack) and boost up my protein in the am with egg whites mixed with one egg. I saw and immediate drop in my weight. By the morning of 2/11/11 I was now down to 260 lbs. That evening I did measure my waste at 43.5 inches

· Keep in mind during this whole time I have been working out moderately. At least two times a week, about an hour at the gym. Every other week maybe twice.

· So her it is at it is no 2/15/11. I am gained about 4 lbs during my cheat day on 2/12/11. No surprise really had a huge BBQ at my house.

I do really enjoy the experimenting portion of this diet, but I can say I have done any real experimenting that was “out of bounds”. I have been just adding in supplements and making minor changes in the moderate workouts I was doing.

Today I received the Whey protein and Athletic Greens. I am going to experiment with those as well. Well this might be along blog, but I was inspired by a lady on the blog here who told me to blog my experience. I hope that everyone can forgive my lack of detail on the lost of my first 38 lbs. I admit I should have done a better job tracking, but I still have a ways to go for my ultimate goal. If this helps anyone good luck!