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Sunday, February 27, 2011

2/27 Update

I wrote this on Tim Ferris' Blog:


I have probably thanked you 4 times on your blog, but I think its appropriate, based on the life changing events that have taken place in my life since I started your diet. Here is my individual success:

*I have lost 43 lbs. since December 20 th
*I went from 298 and now weigh 255
*I am down to a 43 inch waist….I did not measure initially, but I was probably like 50 inch range.

Those are all measurables that everyone can relate to. What has been most significant is that it has sparked me to start learning again. I have had a successful career in my field and it has taught me to strive to get better in my field an in life. I have helped get 5 other people onto your diet and they have seen success on your diet. My friends and I created our own group on google where we share our successes, celebrate our cheat day, share best practices on recipes. We just started this two weeks ago and has really helped to motivate the 6 of us and keep us going. There is power in feeling that you are “in it” together with a group of people. I can see their lives changing as well. It has made me a more positive person (and I thought I was positive before) and I just have a different perspective on life.

Thanks Tim for the new positive perspective on life, your book is truly inspiring to do things that are not only in the book, but a result of the book!

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