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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My 4 Hour Body Experience

My 4-hour Body notes

Today is 2/15/2011 and I will attempt to recount as best as I can in some sort of format my experience with the Slow Carb Diet from Tim Ferriss’ book. To net it out why I am writing this; I have lost 38 lbs. since 12/20/2010 and this is the best I have felt in literally 20 years

· I started the diet on 12/20/2010

· Even though there was Christmas upcoming I decided to go for it

· I regret that I did not take any pictures, and I did not take any measurements.

· My starting weight at this time was 298 lbs.

· On the morning on 12/25, when I weighed myself I had already lost 10 lbs. I couldn’t believe it and I was motivated to continue. It had only been 5 days

· I stuck to the diet to a “T” and by the name 12/31/2010 came around I had lost 20 lbs

· This is where a lot of my information get distorted, but it is roughly right

· On around 1/7/2011 I was down to 24 lbs, weighing in at 274

· On around 1/15/2011 I noticed that I was plateauing, I decide to give PAGG a try. I noticed immediate results. I started losing weight again and was down to 269 by 1/22/2011. I finally decided to measure my waist ( I really regret not doing this in the beginning). On 1/22/2011 I was at 46 inches. I don’t know where I really started but I think I was in the low 50 inch range.

· I again appeared to plateau and was hovering at 269 around the 29th and then I decided to add the other supplement “cissuss” whatever it is.

· As another note I have been taking potassium, magnesium, and calcium the whole time

· After that cheat day on the weekend, which I was at Disneyland….I noticed I had only added 2 lbs. So here I was sitting at 271 on 1/31/2011. I was the first cheat day that I did not pack on 5-7 lbs.

· I seemed to be stuck at 269 that whole week (2/2 to 2/5). I decided to cut out almonds ( I ate them as a snack) and boost up my protein in the am with egg whites mixed with one egg. I saw and immediate drop in my weight. By the morning of 2/11/11 I was now down to 260 lbs. That evening I did measure my waste at 43.5 inches

· Keep in mind during this whole time I have been working out moderately. At least two times a week, about an hour at the gym. Every other week maybe twice.

· So her it is at it is no 2/15/11. I am gained about 4 lbs during my cheat day on 2/12/11. No surprise really had a huge BBQ at my house.

I do really enjoy the experimenting portion of this diet, but I can say I have done any real experimenting that was “out of bounds”. I have been just adding in supplements and making minor changes in the moderate workouts I was doing.

Today I received the Whey protein and Athletic Greens. I am going to experiment with those as well. Well this might be along blog, but I was inspired by a lady on the blog here who told me to blog my experience. I hope that everyone can forgive my lack of detail on the lost of my first 38 lbs. I admit I should have done a better job tracking, but I still have a ways to go for my ultimate goal. If this helps anyone good luck!

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