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Sunday, February 12, 2012


What up world!

So here I am almost at month 14....and still loving and living the 4 Hour body life style. I am still in maintenance mode so no big news to report. I weighed in this morning at 230.1 pounds. Pretty much clockwork on Sunday mornings.

I did start working out again so I might be able to get down to 221 pounds in maybe a month or so.

I don't have any weight loss goals at this time. I am happy and ecstatic with where I am at.

I am happier that many of the people that I am living the life style are achieving great results. My brother hit his all time lowest weight loss. My sister in law hit her all time lowest. My wife hit her all time lowest.

Great results from many others and many new friends jumping on!

The tile of my post said "Humbled". So last night we had a party for my brother and Dad and it was a co-birthday event. I had many comments from family and friends in regards to my weight and how I looked. It may of must been the skinny shirt my wife bought me....but hey what the heck...IT FELT GREAT! AND I AM SHOUTING IT OUT FROM THE RAFTERS.....TITANIC STYLE!!

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