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Saturday, November 5, 2011

11/5 update - In maintenance

This mornings weight was 224.1 pounds.

If you look at my lowest weight it was 222.6 pounds. The last couple of weeks I have had some extra cheat meals here and there, nothing crazy, but I am amazed at the maintenance of this food plan.

Let me clarify extra cheat meals:

*On Friday night I have had a cheat meal the last 2 weeks. If I know I won't break my lowest weight I have a cheat meal, but I don't go into cheat mode...which means I don't gorge myself.

*I have the last 3 weeks I have done double-cheat-day on gone for it on Sunday as well (just not as crazy).

*Over the last 3 weeks I have also had 2 cheat meals during the weekday

I really wanted to see what the effect was to my body and myself when I add these meals back in. Here are my observations:

*My energy has actually decreased a around those extra meals
*My weight has been pretty stable
*I am up to 232 on Monday morning and then drop down to 222-224 on Sunday morning

I don't have anything too exciting, but I am still diligent in analyzing what I eat and reviewing the effects.

Have a great cheat day everyone!

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