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Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/10 update- Still living the lifestyle and down 74 pounds!

I weighed in this morning at 225 pounds! *Total loss of 74 pounds *I measured my waist and it came out to 38 inches! (down from about 55 inches, it hurts to type that) *I am almost at the 9 month mark (9/20 will be 9 months) I had a great week. My brother told me he hit his lowest weight, last night he is down about 63 pounds as well so that was awesome. What made it a great week is that I celebrated my success last week with a "DOUBLE-CHEAT-DAY". It was labor day weekend and I knew there was going to be plenty of goodies on last Sunday so I had planned to do it. I can NEVER skip a Saturday cheat never. After a weekend where I do a double cheat day, I don't expect to have any weight loss, I just try to get back to where I was before. On a side note when I have a cheat day, I don't do it like Tim does where he waits until lunch and then he starts loading up. I start loading up right when I wake up. So as I type this I'm thinking of driving to the donut shop (well that's an automatic now) and the Chicken Pot Pie I am going to see later (found by my sister-in-law), see link: I wondering how I fit in smashburger in between my daughters gymnastics and the Oregon Football game....hmmmmm Nonetheless I am ecstatic that I dropped another pound, it feels like a fluke because I had a double cheat day last weekend...but who cares......that ball went through Buckner's legs and it counted! Happy FREE DAY (my 4HB group coined that as our cheat day phrase) and keep Living the Lifestyle and eating the food plan. I got that from Lucas Starbuck! Here is his website: I am out!...on to the donut shop!

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