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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tough week, but........

This week was a tough week. So certainly not the great news I like to write on Saturday's. The bottom line is I weighed in at 227.8 this morning. I was 231.8 last Sunday after hitting an all time low of 224.4 on Saturday.

So that was a net gain of 3.4 pounds. What happened.......I had a cheat burger and fries and onion rings on Tuesday...had business guests in town and I was helping to host. Then I had some cheese in some beans, hey I was starving! Lastly I had some desert on Friday.

Once I hit Friday morning at 228, I figured I would have something later anyway.

So like I said, I can choose to be bummed or I could choose to enjoy my cheat day and get fired up for next week. I choose to enjoy cheat day and get busy on Sunday!

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