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Sunday, June 5, 2011

6/5 am update

Yesterday's weigh in was 322.2 pounds, forgot to specify that on 6/4.

This mornings weigh in was 234.6 pounds.......oh yeah!

That is my lowest weight after a Free day. This will be a great week.

I did my MED workout yesterday-

-75 kettle bell swings @ 40 lbs
-25 myocratic on bosu with 5 pounds
-15 cat vomit, 12 second hold

Cold shower right after, then eat free day dinner

Yesterdays delights

-2 chicken sandwiches at chik filet
-cookies and cream milkshake
-corn chips
-dairy queen soft serve
-snacked on multiple items all day
-2 cups off coffee
-steady on water
-extra athletic greens

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