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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3 Update

This morning's weigh in was 238.8 pounds. Good progress made yesterday looking for the same today. I am back doing my back/ab exercises.

*20 myocratic crunches on the bosa ball
*10 cat vomit, hold for 12 seconds

Over the years my back has gone out probably once ever 3 months like clockwork...and I literally feel like I am paralyzed.

So when I was off on my 2 day binge and have a bit of a drinkfest in Eugene, OR....I did not sleep in my own bed, I did not do my exercised, and I played golf.

When I got home on Saturday...I could feel a minor tweek. I always felt those as a warning, my back was telling me I am going out later today or the next day.

I doubled up the exercises on Saturday and Sunday, we are talking 3 minutes time each, and just like magic it is gone!

This for me is one of the great "side effects" of this diet!

I am feeling great and back on track.....and focused in on 235 by Saturday morning!

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