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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here are I am 4 months later……well 4 months and 60 pounds lighter! I will try not to ramble on, but I would like to share some “best practices” or thoughts or ideas that helped me that could help others. So here I go:

*Take the pictures and measurements even though you may be hesitant, seeing your body change will provide you with motivation, even when you don’t see weight loss you will see your body change in a positive manner

*I “mixed it up” when I got stuck. Tim really preaches experimentation with this diet or “lifestyle”. When I hit a plateau, I tried to add something new from the book that I wasn’t doing before

*I added PAGG, got great results

*I accidently experimented with alpha lipoic acid in greater dosage (4 x 600 mg) per day and it works great… even better results

*Started working out….and lost weight…then it stunted my weight stopped

*Now I still do Myocratic Crunch & Cat Vomit (this is my 5 minute workout), but is has done wonders for my back (no more pain, knock on wood) & strengthened my abs…I won’t go as far to say I will have a six pack, but I have lost over about 12 inches on the waistline. I do it everyday.

*Keep a blog to keep track of how you are doing. I have an Ipad and it makes it very convenient for me, as opposed to keeping notes on my Mac

*Subscribe to Tim’s blogs, other blogs, get on twitter, share information on twitter. Become a student of the SCD

*Get some friends to do it with you. I have about 12 friends (a couple of others not on the group as well) who have joined a Google Group. We are able to share our successes and failures as we go down this journey (great idea by my sister in law). This can be a great source of motivation for you and fun as well. A shout out thanks goes to Derek, Charlie, Sina, Jessica, Amber, Karina, Eric, and Jaime. My 4HB Warrior buddies keep me motivated! My wife and kids don’t do it…but they have been great support as well!

*Go Crazy on your Cheat day…My group has re-named it “FREEDOM DAY” sounds great doesn’t it…imagine Mel Gibson in Braveheart…and then go get that cinnamon roll!

*Get that protein shake down right when you wake up (I have whey protein + athletic greens) works for me!

*Weigh yourself everyday and maybe 4 to 5 times a day. I can predict my weight loss like clockwork now and when it is “off” I tried to figure out what food I ate…or maybe what my water intake was…etc. Great self -analysis for yourself.

On to my next goal…..10 MORE POUNDS!!!!!

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