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Sunday, April 3, 2011


I sent this out to my google group this morning, but also meant to put it here as well:


Good Morning fellow 4 Hour Warriors! I am always ready Sunday morning to get back on with the good foods, but this Sunday Morning is different than most for me. I am enjoying some serious introspection this morning!!!!

So this week was a struggle from a weight loss standpoint. I did not lose any weight until Thursday and even then it was only .2 lbs.

On Friday morning I woke up and I was up .2 lbs from my last Saturday weight

Then on yesterday morning I woke up and was back down .4 lbs from my last Saturday weight and then I went and dropped the kids off at the pool….and that weight came down again.

So on Friday night I was racking my brain and my blog to see what was different. I noticed that I didn’t blog as much…..I think that was because I wasn’t having the success that I had the previous week. I played basketball pretty hard on Wednesday night, but have not done my Myocratic Crunch or Cat Vomit exercises since then because my knees are still a bit jacked. The foods I ate this week were the same I’ve ate previous other weeks (I was going through it day by day). What I did realize is that I ran out of the Alpha Lipoic Acid that I have been taking religiously that is the “A” in the PAGG routine. I ran out on Monday or Tuesday and since then I have been very inconsistent in how I was taking it. The routine consists of taking them 4 times per day in a certain order. I put this in a previous post. Well after really being religious at how I administered it, now I was taking it 2 or 3 times a day and then I left the Alpha Lipoic Acid out. I picked some up yesterday right after IN and OUT (yummy!) and I figured I pick up a back set of everything just in case (I was at the GNC in Mira Mesa). Even though you are supposed to take it before you eat, I took a the set right there in the car. I figured why not? I realized I was leaving the Alpha Lipoic acid out so I wanted to get back on it.

The PAGG stack/routine is supposed to go for 2 months straight and then you take a week off and get back on. Last time I came off the PAGG stack I still lost 3 pounds during that week, so even though I was still taking the PAGG still I wondered how much of effect it was having on me. Maybe 1 week isn’t enough of a test, but when I woke up this morning I was at 248.8!!!

That means I gained 3 lbs on my FREE DAY! Anytime I only gained 3 lbs on my FREE DAY I always knew it was going to be a good week. Was it the Alpha Lipoic Acid? Was is the PAGG routine. Who really knows, but it was the only thing I did that was severely altered during the week.

I recommend to all who have not tried it, to give it a shot. If you are hesitant re-read that section of the book. It could be that jump start you are looking for. I downed my PAGG stack so fast this morning (well just the AGG this morning). I also take the “Cissus” supplement they talk about in the book….but I can leave that for another time. Most people that I read about on Tim’s Blogs don’t take the PAGG because of the cost……I say go for it one time and see what happens.

Sorry for the long post , but it seemed appropriate to talk about doing some introspection on how I was doing, but also to share the my major finding of the flaw in my PAGG stack . I think that if you some introspection you might find some flaws in your own routine that you could improve upon. If you don’t have any flaws, then you can find some small tweeks you can do to strengthen what you already are doing.

Good Luck 4 Hour Warriors!

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