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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/5 am update!

Yeah that's right I have an exclamation mark after the update!!!!!

I am at 244.8 pounds this morning. That puts me at a total of 54 pounds lost!

I typically hit my Saturday morning pre-FREE day (cheat day) weight on Tuesday morning....well over the last 3-4 weeks.

With the exception of last week....when I didn't. I don't know if I can give the entire credit to PAGG. What I do know is that since Saturday at lunch I have been taking the "A" in the PAGG at a far larger dose than I ever have.

I usually take 300mg of Alpha Lipoic acid. GNC only had I just bought it.

Overdose sounds bad but I have been taking more than what Tim says to take in his book. I can't say I will do it long term, but this is an experiment that bears watching.

In the book here is what is says on Alpha-lipoc acid:
*potent antioxidant
*free radical scavenger
*regenerates vitamin C & vitamin E
*Lack of toxicity
*It naturally occurs in organ meats and vegetables
*trace amounts in broccoli & spinach
*ALA increases the muscular absorption of the calories (and supplements) consumed
*ALA is the perfect force multiplier
*More calories absorbed into muscle means fewer calores deposited as fat

In the book it says a 150 pound person can take up to 4,091 milligrams per day and there would be no observable adverse effect. Because I am taking the 600 mg 4 times per day, that comes out to 2400 milligrams...I checked the FDA site and the web and there is no regulation on how much you can take per day. I am certainly not going to take more, but just making sure.

Again this bears watching...magic supplement? I don't know...but I also have been back doing the myocratic crunches and cat vomit exercises this week as well.

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