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Monday, April 11, 2011

My 4 day binge 4/7 to 4/10!

Here is the summary of my 4 day binge:

So I went on a trip to Cabo San Lucas and planned for sometime to go on a 4 day binge. The day before I left I hit my all time low mark of 242.6 pounds, a total of 56 pounds lost. So this morning I weighed myself and I came in at 251.8 pounds. Easy math I gained 9.2 pounds over 4 days.

My binge really started with lunch on Thursday and then continued on. I didn’t make any real rules for myself, but I did tell myself a few things.

Eat whenever I want & whatever I want , but eat when I am hungry only…and don’t forget to keep drinking water.

I didn’t exactly stack 4 cheat day’s back to back and go crazy, but at the same time I did not show any restraint.

What is interesting is that I did weigh myself after breakfast on Day 4 of the binge and I weighed 245 pounds. Which means I was up around 3 pounds at that time. I think that was a huge mistake. At that point and time I started to eat even though I wasn’t hungry. At lunch and dinner I had extra helpings and snacked at the pool

Breakfast Day 4…..I overate. And through out the whole day I just kept on eating.

This is where I believe a made a mistake. That little over day and half contributed to about 6 pounds gained.

So here is what I learned:

*I probably will not do a 4-day binge like that ever again

*My energy level was lower, slept inconsistently


*Mix in workouts everday on the binge (I did the air squats & wall extensions on the first 2 days only)

*Drink more ICE water, I did not do this the much in Mexico

I learned a lot and when I do a binge I can do a far better job of damage control. I have more detailed notes on what I ate, but that would be boring to put every detail in here. That is the short summary and I am happy to be back on the SLOW CARB! Back at it!!!

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