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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4/19 am update

This morning's weigh in was 240.4 pounds. So I hit an all-time low, that was great. Also, hit the all time low on a Tuesday which is another personal record for me. That still leaves me 4 more shots to continue losing this week. That puts me at 58 pounds total. 60 pounds it right around the corner!!!

I've been talking about alpha lipoic acid as some kind of magic elixir. Calling it that makes it sound like "snake oil" or something. I have seen great results from the ALA in this brand and dosage. If GNC makes a bunch of $$$$ one day...they better give me the hook up on commissions.

I recommend that if you take any of the PAAG, or you don't want to do the whole thing at least get this brand and take it 4 times per day!

Fired up....58 pounds and still going!!!!

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