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Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/7 am update

I am not sure what I more excited about going to Cabo San Lucas or the
fact that I weighed in at 242.6 this morning. That puts me a a weight
loss of 3.2 pounds this week, and it's only Thursday morning....I had
a couple of more shots this week. So best week I have had in awhile.
I say that because I going on a "binge" sometime today and will
continue until I get back on Sunday. In the Tim's book you are allowed
to go on a binge. I don't exactly how often, but essentially I am
going off of the diet for more than just the cheat day. I do plan on
doing everything he recommends so again, another good experiment to
see how I do on my first "binge". So I really not coming off the
diet...just enjoying my first binge!!! There that is a better way to
say it.

So that means last Saturday I was at 245.8

Then on Sunday after the FREE-day (cheat day) carnage I was at 248.8

Today I am at 242.6!! Is it really that 600 mg x 4 per day of ALA????

I don't know

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