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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My sister in Law posed this in our "Google Groups"

"What do you guys see yourself doing when you reach your weightless goal?

I then answered with this below:

I think the question provokes a lot of thought. I can't really say that I have a definitive goal and after that and then here is what I am going to do. I base that on my own experience so far and the modifications I have made a long the way.

I had an original goal of 250 (lose 48 pounds), as soon as I got close I changed that to 238 (lose 60 pounds). After getting to 242.6.....I knew it was a matter of time (this month) I would hit the 238 goal. Based on the pictures and shape of my body...I know I can do better, so now I have a goal of 228 pounds (70 pounds total). The timetable I put on myself is this year.

I am pretty immune to any cravings (at least right now), but I do relish that FREE DAY on Saturday! Once I get to 228 I will start experimenting on mixing foods back in (like cheese) or I am thinking of adding in a cheat meal for dinner on Friday or even as previously mentioned a cheat day on Friday, but not go all out. I am challenge myself to become a better cook so that I can continue to eat this way but add more spice.

So I say all of that with some definitiveness, but at the same time.....this experience for me has been all about change and adjustments. So that being said, I am going to search for ways to apply these same methods in everything I do. I am more inspired than ever to read more, to learn more, to be better at my job and be better in my family life. As I look at Tim's Book I am going to try out some of the methods "reversing permanent injuries" once I reach that 228 mark.

I like Tim's philosophy that the diet is about have to create a base line (kind of did that already, but I have been adjusting it) that see how your body reacts to different things that you do.

That may sound like a plan that is a bit loosey-goosey, but I like it's flexibility.......but I am dead set at 228 and I will still to the diet (life style change) till I get there.

I think I answered the question...but I may have went off on a tangent there. Great thought provoking question Sina!!!!!

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